Antique charm and detail make the Tresa by Brizo an old-world favourite. Heritage faucets pair nicely with detailed sinks, such as those made of copper or cast iron, or handpainted.



The “Square” trend has filtered through vanities, china and now faucets, too, are angularly sculpted. One of our favourites, American Standard’s Town Square, lends itself to both modern and traditional design palettes.

Town Square


Watching streams of water cascade from your spout is a serene and luxurious experience. These show-stoppers make great focal points in powder rooms, where guests will be sure to enjoy their appealing design. There are numerous options, such as the vintage-inspired Delta Victorian or the avant-garde Clockwork by Ritmonio.



Wall Mount Faucets are a Designer Choice for Unique Bathrooms. These unique bathroom sink faucets are mounted on the wall above and extend over the center of the sink. Brizo’s Viaggi combines softer traditional elements with a more modern linear feel.



These faucets have a higher spout reach, leaving room to go up and over the side of the sink. The faucets are available in various spout lengths to accommodate different bowl sizes; you want the spout to reach to the center of the sink basin, above the drain. We love Delta’s new Addison.


Hi Arch

Fairly new to the market, this look is ultra-industrial. Grohe’s Allure faucet will create drama in any minimalistic space, and pairs well with straight-edge fixtures such as a square sink. These high-boys can be used with petite vessels or with undermount or drop in sinks.



Single lever joy-stick faucets are fun and easy to use. We love Zuchetti’s Wosh.



An 8" widespread faucet is usually used on larger sinks and can have a spout up to 16" tall. The cold handle, hot handle and spout are 3 separate pieces, spaced 8” apart, as in the Kohler Margaux. 4" minispread faucets are usually used on smaller lavatory sinks, as their components are closer together, as in Delta’s Lockwood. Single hole faucets offer a very modern, clean look, like the Moments, requiring only one mounting hole. Optional plates can be purchased to cover up existing countertop holes.



WaterSense labeled faucets with 1.5 gpm water-saving aerators offer a 45% water savings over inefficient 2.75 gpm faucets. For the average household, this can equal over 14,700 of gallons of water saved each year and a reduction in monthly water bills as well. Almost all Kohler faucets are Low-Flow, like the Singulier, so style possibilities are endless.



Kohler’s Insight faucets with the Hybrid energy system combine adaptive infrared technology with regenerative power to perform for decades to come. No maintenance. No batteries. No hassles. Other handsfree options include batter-powered faucets, which are available from both Delta and Toto. Typically designed for commercial use, but perfectly suitable for upscale residential applications.



Faucets come in numerous finishes, including brass, chrome, stainless, brushed nickel, and even brushed bronze or white, just to name a few. Choose a finish that will compliment the bathroom’s style. A super slick Chrome finish will provide a more contemporary to industrial feel, such as Delta’s Dryden, whereas the Purist in Moderne Gold will often suit a more retro design.



Coordinating bidet faucets are available in some faucet lines, like American Standard’s One, to match with the sink and shower faucets. Bidet faucets can come as either 3pc 4pc, 5pc or even single hole models. Ensure that your bidet and bidet faucet co-ordinate.


Tub Fillers

Tub fillers can be either traditional deckmounts, or fashion forward wall-mounts like Zuchetti’s Pan or floormounts, like Faraway. The chosen installation method is dictated by the type of bath you choose, whether it be an alcove tub, a drop-in, or a free-standing model.



Always useful for rinsing the tub, cleaning pets, and bathing children, the sidespray has become a staple requirement for most households. Some faucets come with the sidespray, and sometimes it can be added, with a diverter, to an existing faucet. We love the curvy RSVP from Brizo.