In-line Doors

Doors with multiple glass panels in a row are commonly termed “In-line”. These doors have a pivot hinge, are generally heavier in weight, and mimic the look of custom plate glass. Fleurco’s Sevilla In-Line door comes in a range of widths from 42” – 59” to accommodate almost any space.

Single Doors

Ranging from 23-35” in width, these doors are the simplest option. Varying hardware styles and glass finishes give each door its “personality”. The Insight door by Maax offers clean, simple lines with classic single knob.

Neo-Angle Doors

Fitting into a corner application, these shower doors have 3 angled panels of glass, and typically range in size from 32” – 42”. Many now offer a more “frameless” look, as the top header is substituted for 2 small support bars, omitting heavy metal frames in favour of simple hinges. For example, the Platinum Neo door has framing only on the two panels that attach to the side walls.

Round Doors

Again, fitting into a corner application, and ranging in sizes from 32” – 42”, the round base generally gives a little more space than the neo-angle. Either sliding on a track/roller system such as the Fleurco Capri Arc, or swinging on a hinge system, these doors are offered in a wide variety of styles.

Corner Doors

For applications where space is not an issue, these doors have glass on either 2 or even 3 sides of the shower, providing a very airy and open showering environment. Available in various sizes and shapes to suit your particular room, corner showers let in the most light and offer the most showering space of any door configuration, as shown by the In-Line with Return Panel.

Tub Doors

Tub doors are generally made to fit on a 60” alcove tub. Typically 2 or 3-panel sliders, such as the Cordoba, these doors tend to have integrated towel bars for extra storage.

Shower Shields

Providing a fluid transition from inside to outside of the shower, these types of doors (or “panels”) have created an entirely different feel in the bathroom environment. Inspired by boutique hotels, this look is very modern and minimal, as in the newly launched Siena by Fleurco. Care should be taken in faucet placement to avoid excess water spray into the dry environment. These doors are typically coupled with low-profile acrylic bases or custom tile bases which offer a near-flush transition to the bathroom floor.

Tub Shields

Tub Shields offer the best of both worlds for both showering and bathing. The single glass panel offers a semi-enclosed space for showering. For bathers, the panel can either remain, or rotate 180º outward. For more privacy, some tub shields are longer and consist of more than one panel attached to a fixed piece of glass, such as the Siena tub shield by Fleurco.

Specialty finishes

The Tonik, by Maax offers an oil-rubbed bronze finish, enabling you to match your oil-rubbed bronze faucets and accessories. Other typical finishes include Chrome, Brushed Nickel, White, and Gold.

Glass Thickness

Many doors are offered in various glass thicknesses, in order to satisfy any budget. Usually 1/4” , 3/8” or 1/2”, the thickness determines the “feel” of the door; the heavier the door, the smoother it moves. There are various door types in our showroom for you to try out. The Verona 3/8” door and the Verona 1/4" door, otherwise identical, differ only in glass thickness, therefore you don’t have to sacrifice style for budget!


Many of Fleurco’s doors allow you to choose your hinge – oval or square – to further complement the style of your fixtures or faucets.

Obscure Glass

A textured, or opaque glass such as the “Mist” finish by Fleurco, provides privacy and looks stylish.


Fleurco’s new Evolution line essentially allows you to build your own shower configuration. For a unique look, in a unique space, this option can make your shower the focal point for the room. “Walk-In” configurations have been especially popular.

Acrylic Receptors

There are many options for shower receptors on the market today. The most common is the acrylic pre-fabricated receptor, available in white, bone or biscuit typically, in a plethora fo shapes and sizes. Low-profile acrylic bases have become increasingly popular, as they offer a somewhat “seamless” transition from the dry to the wet evnrionment, aesthetically and functionally. Some bases have trough drains such as the Kohler Groove, or acrylic drain “covers” such as the Kohler Archer to increase visual appeal.

Custom Cast Marble Receptors

Looking for an unusual colour or shape? We can custom-make your shower base to suit your needs. Approx 4 weeks to order, these cast marble bases are super heavy-duty, and therefore most suitable to withstand the weight of custom glass.

Tile Bases

To really complement your tile selection on your shower walls, why not continue the look with a custom-tile base? Using Schluter’s Kerdi System underneath provides a waterproof guarantee, so you don’t need to worry about leaking, mold, or mildew.