From a gentle mist to a virtual deluge, showerheads are capable of providing a range of experiences. Whether it be a large-scale, ceiling-mounted rainhead for two, or an easily accessible handshower on a slidebar, there is truly something for everyone. From low-flow water-saving options, to multi-spray patterns, to flush mounted water “tiles”, the showerhead keeps re-inventing itself in new and refreshing ways.

Shower control valves

With so much of the limelight given to shower heads, rain heads and slide bars people often forget who’s running the shower, literally. Selecting the right shower valve(s) to ensure optimal flow rate and temperature control is essential. Valve options to consider include Pressure balance or thermostatic; exposed or concealed; diverters, volume controls…etc.

Shower Packages

Shower selection made easy! Chose from a variety of pre-bundled shower packages and be confident everything will match and function appropriately. Some of the best deals can be found when purchasing a package. It makes even the most intricate\ custom shower a convenient and simple selection for you.

Shower Doors

From a single-panel door to a large 3-sided corner unit, and everything in between, there is a shower door to fit your space. Frameless glass, clear or opaque, sliding or pivot, traditional or modern…the options are endless. Can’t find what you want? Get one custom made! Custom glass allows for total flexibility in size and shape, and is needed when building a custom steam shower.


Made of acrylic, cast marble, cast iron or tile, there are different reasons to select each base material.
- Acrylic bases are readily available, and come in standard sizes and colours. Some acrylic receptors go up 20” high, and include an integrated shower seat.
- Cast iron bases have an enormous colour palette to choose from, and have high laquer finish.
- Cast marble yields infinite creative options as it can be formed into any size or shape.
- Tile bases create a truly “custom” look, and match perfectly with shower wall tile.


From storage baskets, to pre-made shower seats, to grab bars and storage “lockers”, the showerstall has never looked so organized……and so functional! Adding luxurious touches like recessed potlights, speaker tiles or a fan, and spending the time to choose the essentials, like drain colour or type of curtain rod, will give your newly renovated shower that added design appeal.


Nothing compares to the relaxing warmth of steam. It also produces many powerful therapeutic effects. During a steam shower, blood flow increases to the outer parts of the body, detoxifying your pores, nourishing your skin with nutrients and stimulating cellular activity. Increased blood circulation, and the muscle-relaxing influence of heat, relieves stress and pain and promotes healing.


Waterproofing is obviously the most important aspect of any shower. Water penetrates through just about everything; grout joints, cement board, concrete floors, allowing moisture to collect, which is the primary cause of mould growth. The Schluter-Shower System for tile installation eliminates the possibility of mould growth due to moisture penetration. It is also the most effective and versatile line of waterproofing products, which allow tile adhesion directly to the membrane.