Most commonly used, are undermount sinks. These are mounted to the underside of the counter and offer a seamless look, all the while making clean-up a breeze. This type of sink is the only one you will want to use with high end countertop materials such as marble, granite or quartz.


A trend we have seen a lot of these past few years is vessel sinks. These types of sinks serve more as a focal point, or decorative feature in the bath. Some times we recommend purchasing lower vanities to accommodate the height of these tall bowls. The look you get with a vessel sink is usually quite modern, however traditional and transitional styles are available.


These are a cross between vessel sinks and drop-in sinks. Not as tall as an actual vessel sink, this sink is partially raised above the counter, and offers an interesting and unique line. The Demi Lav from Kohler is a perfect example of this, as it mixes both soft and structured elements. A tall or short faucet can be paired with this, or try a wall-mounted one.


Your basic drop in sink is used mostly for laminate countertops, as it does not require a “finished” sink opening. These sinks come with faucet holes pre-drilled, so you need to establish which faucet you are purchasing before you purchase your sink. Options include single hole, 4”centreset, 8” widespread, or entirely without holes (for wall-mounted faucets).

Colour & Texture

Sinks are commonly china, the same colour as the other fixtures in the bathroom, and possibly even the same “series”. However, sinks can always be a feature piece and look amazing when done in a surprising colour or texture. From a high gloss red china, to a semi-transparent “vapour” green colour from Kohler, the sky is the limit! Blanco offers stainless steel undermount sinks for an industrial look, whereas American Standard has frosted and clear glass vessels for a more contemporary look. Toto’s new Ryohan drop in sink, has a textured pattern imprinted right on the china surface.

Sink Shape

Are all sinks round? No way! The most common shape we sell now is the square/rectangular undermount. From Kohler’s softly sloped Ladena, to their 90degree edge on the brand new Verticyl, square seems to be where its at. For a square look with a hint of classicism, try the Memoirs, with its detailed interior profile. Or try a gently bowed shape such as the Kelston.


Pedestal sinks offer an elegant, almost retro look. Used in lieu of a full vanity, pedestals are high in glamour, but low on storage. For this reason, many manufacturers are making the pedestal slab larger and flatter to accommodate lotions and soaps, like the Kohler Bancroft. Try using wall-mounted tumblers and towel rings to further save space. American Standard’s Ravenna has an optional towel bar you can mount right onto the pedestal to help out with storage.


For an even more contemporary look, some sinks come as wall-mounted versions, and omit a pedestal leg altogether. Duravit is a German line that has an abundance of these, all with clean lines, and elegant designs. The Vero wall-mounted sink is shown here in a double-faucet model, which allows two people to wash simultaneously, in a trough-like basin.

Adding Legs

Adding stainless steel legs to a pedestal slab heightens the impact, and can generate a retro or a modern look depending on the chosen slab. The Lloyd sink from Toto achieves a minimalistic feel, whereas the Happy D is more of a fifties throw-back.


Tight spot? Corner sinks make use of every inch of real estate by mounting right into the corner of your wall. Take a look at Duravit’s Starck 3. Perfect for small condo bathrooms, or as an extra basement washbasin.

Sink/Countertop Combinations

The "all in one" sink/countertop combination merges the two, in one seamless design. These countertops may be made to fit a particular vanity, like the Persaude from Kohler, or may be generic sizes, meant to be used on any cabinet. Cleaning is a breeze since they are super-high gloss and have no seams or ridges.

Completing the Look

Any sink that is wall mounted, or set on a vanity without doors, will have exposed plumbing behind it. In these applications, you need to purchase decorative drains and bottle traps to "complete the look". These decorative pieces are available in finishes that match your faucet choice.