These toilets are sometimes termed “Low-Flow”, since they flush with only 4.8 litres of water. This is fast becoming the industry standard. In fact, many municipalities offer incentives to purchase these Eco-friendly options by offering rebates on these purchases. The Gwyneth from Toto has been our most popular model.


Dual Flush

Also rebate-approved, these models allow the consumer to choose their flush type: 6 liters per flush or an eco-friendly, 0.9- litres per flush. The average of these two flushes, based on normal residential use, becomes 4.5 lpf. Many toilets are available as dual flush, such as the Strela from Kohler.


Bowl cleanliness

A common concern regarding low-flow toilets is their ability to actually get the bowl clean. To combat this, manufacturers have begun to direct the water around the bowl in a swirling motion, to ensure a thorough rinse. Both Kohler’s Class 6 technology and Toto’s Dual Cyclone system are industry leaders.

Bowl cleanliness

1-piece models

A growing number of consumers are purchasing 1pc toilets, such as the Kohler Cimarron as they generally look more appealing, and are easier to clean. Functionality is not a factor in choosing either a 1pc or 2pc model.

Cimarron 1pc

Bowl Design

Many toilets are available with either a Round, or an Elongated bowl. The difference in the two is only about ¾” – 1.5”, but sometimes can mean a great deal in a small space. Some toilets come with an elongated bowl, but fit in the same space as a round-bowl, aptly named “Compact Elongated” such as the Cadet3 from American Standard. Choose your bowl based on comfort and room size.

Cadet 3

Comfort Height

Once used mainly as barrier-free option, high toilets have quickly become the new luxury option. Generally more comfortable to get on and off of, the Comfort height option is available on tons of models, and comes standard on many, like the Vespin II from Toto.

Vespin II

Skirted Models

Toilets that cleverly conceal the trapway in the rear, are known as Skirted. These toilets are usually a little more expensive, as they have increased design appeal, such as the Tropic from American Standard.


Toilet Seats

Seats don’t just differ in style, but in function too. Slow-Close models prevent the lid from slamming. Quick Release models allow the seat to be removed from the toilet for convenient cleaning, The Transitions toilet seat is really two seats in one; one of them with a much smaller opening, making it easier for a child to safely use. And then there is design. From plastic to wood, stripes to flowers, the sky is the limit. Check out Kohler’s Surprise seat.

Surprise toilet seat


Product lines have expanded to now include matching bidets. The Memoirs, by Kohler, is part of a complete line of matching fixtures and faucets.

Memoirs Bidet

Bidet Seats

Toto’s Washlets offer the functionality of a separate bidet, within the seat of your toilet. Luxuries include dual-action cleansing sprays, warm air dryer, wireless remote, heated seat, and deodorizer. To learn more about the S400 and other Toto Washlets click here.

Washlet S400