Building a deck out of tile or marble, enables you to use a drop-in tub – a tub that is finished on all sides. These tubs may be corner tubs such as the Neptune Thalassa or simple rectangular or oval models such as the Bain Ultra Origami.


A tub that is going between 3 walls, as is the case in most standard bathrooms, is considered an alcove tub, such as the Archer, by Kohler. These tubs have a tiling flange on 3 sides, so the installer is able to tile right down to the edge of the tub. Something to keep in mind: many drop-in tubs can be easily converted into alcove models by purchasing an after-market tile flange.

Tub Skirts

Alcove tubs have the option of being skirted, non-skirted, or having a removable skirt. Non-skirted alcove tubs give you the creative flexibility to tile the face of the tub, which gives a more “customized” look to a somewhat “standard” space. Tubs with removable skirts, such as Neptune’s Delight, are typically used when there is a whirlpool system, and the consumer would like access to the motor beneath.


Freestanding tubs add old-world charm to a bathroom. Once reserved for more traditional taste, acrylic manufacturers have created many new contemporary versions of this old classic, such as Neptune’s Saphyr. These tubs require floor mounted tub fillers.


We’ve all heard of undermounting sinks, but what about undermounting tubs? It can be done. A seamless, gorgeous look is the end result of this installation method. Many drop in tubs are noted by the manufacturer to be “undermountable”. Others, are made exclusively for this purpose. This enables you to showcase a custom marble or granite tub deck, and makes cleaning a breeze. Bain Ultra’s Amma Oval makes a statement when undermounted..... in a truly understated way.


Flush-mount tubs are a new hybrid of installation method, where the ease of drop-in installation creates a look similar to that of an undermount. The Vida, with virtually no profiled edge, lies so low on the deck, it appears to be flush with the tile. Taking this one step further, your installer can set this type of tub right in to the tile, thereby making it 100% flush.

Space Savers

Space is always a concern when it comes to bathtubs, and we want to help you make the most out of what you have. The Expanse tub from Kohler, fits into a typical 60x32 alcove, however its curved front actually makes it 38” in width ! Similarly, the Fina, by Azzura, with its slim-line profile, offers an extremely spacious bathing well. So much so, the 60” model has a bathing well the size of a typical a 66” tub. That’s an extra 6”! Conversely, The Wind, by Neptune, saves precious bathroom space, giving you the look of a corner tub, in an alcove installation that only requires a 36” width,

Air Systems

Bain Ultra’s slogan is “Air…only air”. They believe that the air system is the most hygienic and effective massage system on the market. And we tend to agree! Providing an invigorating circulatory massage, by pumping air through small pin-hole jets around the perimeter of the tub, this system brings luxury to your bathing experience. By having a multitude of small jets, as opposed to 6 or 8 large targeted jets, you can get an even, soothing massage. And there is no maintenance on these systems; no moving parts means nothing to “clean out” and nothing will stop working. Additionally, any essential oil or mineral salt can be added to your bath, without harm to the system. You can even add mud! Bain Ultra is the leader in Air tubs, and the preferred manufacturer for spas and healthcare facilities around the country. To learn more about the benefits of Air, click here.

Whirlpool Systems

Whirlpool, a more traditional, targeted massage experience, pumps out water through a selection of 6 or 8 large jets around the bathtub. You can upgrade your whirlpool experience by adding extra back jets or foot jets to really address problem areas.

Deep Soak

Everyone wants a deep bathing well to truly replicate that hot tub or spa experience. In addition to most tubs now coming with a standard depth of 20” or more, here are a few “cheats” to help you completely submerge in water. The Kara overflow tub by Neptune literally lets you overflow your tub, with the excess water spilling into the secondary tub shell.

Alternately, the Clearflo closing overflow by Kohler allows you to fill the tub fully over-top of the overflow, giving you an extra 3-4 inches of submersion.

Light Therapy

Chromotherapy helps you take advantage of the energy embodied in specific colors to maintain balance and vitality in your life. Rotating coloured lights create a truly customizable bathing experience for each user.

Sound Therapy

Let yourself be literally submerged by your favorite music. Take advantage of this technological breakthrough: Contemporary in design, Bain Ultra’s Euphonia's headset is wireless and waterproof. Result : guaranteed safety, perfect comfort. Listening to music in your bath is made easy and simple. Pure pleasure, for your ears only.

Matching Suites

Some tub models are partnered up with matching toilets or sinks to create a totally coordinated bathroom. For instance, Kohler’s Devonshire line of fixtures has tub, sink, toilet and even accessories and lighting. It’s like having a built-in designer – no guesswork!


Every tub requires a drain and overflow. There are many models to choose from. Some tubs require particular drains due to their style, depth, or configuration. Make sure you are purchasing one that works for your particular tub model, and select a matching finish to your faucets.