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GROHE Blue® Pure is the alternative solution for people who prefer the natural taste of still water. Using the uniqueGROHE Blue® filter technology it turns ordinary tap water into fresh water, removing all of the substances that can impair its taste.

Finished in GROHE StarLight® chrome, the tap has separate internal waterways – one for filtered water and the other for unfiltered water. This means that people who prefer ambient, still water without any carbonation at all do not have to miss out on the great taste of water from a GROHE Blue® water system. The GROHE Blue® filter cartridge can purify up to 600 litres of water and can be replaced in just a few steps. It delivers a pure, refreshing taste experience with no aftertaste of heavy metals, limescale or chlorine.

How Does it Work?

Nature has a very effective system for perfecting water: the different layers of soil and rock filter and give it its unique, pure taste.  The Grohe Blue filter system works in a similar way: the water is purified in four phases, giving it an even better taste.  Undesirable substances which impair taste and smell such as chlorine are removed for great tasting, soft water.  Fine particles and heavy metals are filtered out and the lime content reduced.

  1. Non-woven pre-filter
    Removes large particles.
  2. Ion exchanger
    Reduces the lime content, filters out heavy metals from the water and reduces the hardness.
  3. Activated carbon filter
    Removes substances which impair the smell and taste, such as chlorine and organic compounds.
  4. Fine particle filter
    Captures all particles above a size of 10 μm.

The unique Grohe Blue water systems deliver fresh, great-tasting filtered water from the convenience of your kitchen tap whenever you want it – 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.  An LED display on the tap handle indicates when the water filter needs to be changed.  The light flashes when the filter capacity is less than 10%.  The filter lasts up to 12 months, has a capacity of 600 litres and can be adjusted to the hardness of the water. 

Two separate internal waterways – one for filtered water and one for unfiltered water – and an innovative mousseur ensure that once the water has been filtered it never comes into contact with anything that may taint its taste. 

  1. Grohe Blue filtered water
  2. Unfiltered mixed water

Less Environmental Impact

Grohe Blue combines convenience and a healthy lifestyle in one environmentally-conscious package. Compared to the pollution and energy consumption caused by filling and transporting bottled mineral water, filering tap water has a negligible environmental impact. Grohe Blue saves resources and money, since seven litres of water are needed to put just one litre of bottled water on a supermarket shelf.  Energy is also saved, as heavy bottles no longer need to be carried home and time and resources spent recycling them.

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