Enhance physical and psychological well-being though energy entrainment

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Essential Oils for improving health

Essential Oils for improving health

Relaxation and rejuvination

Relaxation and rejuvination

Inhalation through olfactory and respiratory systems

Inhalation through olfactory and respiratory systems

AromaCloud is an essential oil diffuser built into your therapeutic bath to matintain and improve heath

Essential oils have been used throughout time to preserve health, for spiritual, therapeutic and hygene treatments.

The stimulative or calming properties found in the oils of roots, leaves, flowers, etc. are used energize or relax your body to help you find the altered state you are seeking.

These oils are dispersed by the AromaCloud for absorbtion into the skin, which seeps into the blood and lymphatic systems, or is inhaled through the respiratory system for a full-body experience.

The AromaCloud is rich in physical, mental, emotional and energetic benefits. 

Physical benefits include relaxation of the body, sitmulation of blood flow, soothing of the skin, promotion of sleep and reduciton of fatigue.

The AromaCloud aids in mental and emotional well-being by reducing stress, fostering a sense of security and protection, focusing attention, stimulating imagination, triggering positive feelings and calming emotional turmoil.

Aroma is directly connected to emotion, thus the AromaCloud becomes a powerful trigger for emotions and imagination. This abundance of emotions becomes a reminder of the richness of life.




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