Step 1

Initial estimate:

This can either be a verbal approximation, or a detailed written estimate. The initial estimate is a great start in developing a quote; however, it is by no means the final price. It will undergo many changes and adjustments as we discuss details in working towards a final quote.

Our initial estimates will be as accurate as the information you provide. Some examples would be:

  • Any drawings or measurements. A top ‘Birds eye’ view is preferred (click here for examples)
  • Pictures or photographs of the space (click here for examples)
  • Any features that you may be considering (i.e. kitchen pantry, heated floors, stone tile, wood cabinets, pot lights, whirlpool tub, steam shower…etc)
  • Materials you have selected or already purchased
  • Important details about the job (i.e. how much of the job would you like us to quote? Are you tearing down any walls? moving plumbing?…etc)

*Don’t have any info to give us? Have us come out to your house for an in-home measure and assessment. Click here to find out more info

In most instances your quote will include material and labour. If you have not selected any material, we will use average prices to help complete your quote. For example, if you have not selected a tile we will include an average square foot cost and note that this item must still be selected. See picture below:

non-item Example

Our quotes are very detailed. We list each item and a corresponding labour cost line-by-line to help you understand our pricing. Once complete a Peel Tile associate will contact you to review your quote in detail.

After you have received you initial estimate you are ready for the next step!

 Step 2

Measure and Design:

The most exciting part of the quoting process is designing your space!

If you were able to supply a ‘birds eye view’ with enough information as noted in Step 1, our designers can start working with you on your In-store design.

If you were unable to provide us with enough details, that’s ok. We can send an estimator out to your house for an in-home measure and assessment.

In-home measure:

The purpose of the in-home measure is to get all the information of the existing space. This includes the creation of a scale drawing, noting all existing walls, windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, HVAC…etc. With the information collected, we can start you off with an initial estimate (if one has not already been provided). The drawings acquired during the in-home measure will also give our designers enough info to work with you on planning your new space.

Note: Whether or not you have supplied any drawings or measurements, we will still need an in-home measure at some point during the quoting process. A quote can not be finalized without this.

The following deposits are required to proceed with an in-home measure and assessment. Please note these deposits are credited towards your final contract⊥.

Flooring measure…………………………$50

Bathroom renovation……………………..$100

Kitchen renovation………………………..$200

⊥If you do not show intent to proceed with the quote within 30 days of the measure, your deposit may be forfeited. If a contract for the quote is not signed within 90 days of measure the deposit will be forfeited.

In-store Design:

In most cases, you have already been given an Initial estimate. You have perhaps already had the in-home measure. You have met with a Peeltile associate and reviewed your quote in detail. You have a good understanding your quote and have developed a budget for your project. It’s time to start designing!

1st Appointment with Designer:

The main objective of this appointment is to narrow down your material selections. We will review the list of ‘non-selected’ items on your quote and help you make selections on items such as tile, borders, accents, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, accessories, lighting…etc. Most customers will leave the first appointment with a few samples and possibly some rough hand-sketches of room layout options. Your second appointment may also be scheduled.

2nd Appointment with Designer:

For the second appointment, your designer will most likely have some CAD drawings of your space available to help you visualize the final product. Your quote may have been adjusted based on discussions during your fist appointment to more accurately reflect the cost of your project. You can review the drawings and materials you are considering and begin to narrow down your selections. Depending on your success in narrowing things down, you may schedule your 3rd appointment. Sometimes, between appointments, several visits to the showroom to swap out samples or get more ideas may be necessary. Although we are here to help, the final decision is yours to make. Before scheduling your 3rd appointment there are a lot of decisions to be made. For some tips on making decisions for your project click here.

3rd Appointment with Designer:

The goal for this meeting is to make your final decision on material and design. The drawings and quote have been adjusted based on your progress in the first 2 appointments. All the fine details will be ironed out. Grout colours will be selected, accessory placement reviewed, transition pieces at doorways discussed…etc. After this appointment we should hopefully have all the information and decisions we need from you to produce a final contract.

The following deposits are required to proceed with an in-store design service. Please note these deposits are credited towards your final contract⊥.


Bathroom Reno (up to $20,000 initial quote)…………$200

Bathroom Reno (above $20,000 initial quote)…………$400

Kitchen renovation………………………………………..$500

⊥If you do not show intent to proceed with the quote within 30 days of the measure, your deposit may be forfeited. If a contract for the quote is not signed within 90 days of measure the deposit will be forfeited.

Once you have a design, finalized the quote and had an in-home measure you are ready for the final step.

 Step 3

Signing up for your renovation:

You have been working closely with a Peel Tile designer/associate. A final quote has been developed. All notes and drawings have been created respectively. You are ready for the most important of the process; finalizing the contract.

To set your project in motion, you will meet with your designer/sales associate to review your quote one last time. A variety of hints, tips, and checklists will be reviewed and filled out to help you understand exactly what you can expect. If there is something during the rip-out that you would like to keep (i.e. light fixture, mirror, cabinets…etc) this is the time to let us know. Perhaps you have a dog or cat and have special instructions you would like us follow when entering or exiting the home. Maybe you are in a condo and there are restricted work times available. Whatever the case may be, you must let us know now so we can make a note in your file.

Another important aspect of the sign up is reviewing and understanding the contract. We will explain the payment schedule , guide you through the terms and conditions of sale, and answer any and all questions you might have. To see some frequently asked questions regarding the installation contract click here.

Once you’re signed up we can order the required materials and start planning for the installation. To find out more about how your project will be managed click here.

A good plan ensures a great project. Get ready to have us transform your home!