Peel tile warrants its workmanship, to the original owner, subject to the terms, limitations, and conditions set forth herein, on installed products, to be free from problems caused specifically and solely by incorrect installation, for a period of five years.

Terms, Limitations, Conditions

  1. Installation of a product must have been installed, in full, by a Peel Tile contractor. The work must have been performed with authorization from Peel Tile, bound by the contract agreement with the owner and Peel Tile to perform said work.
  2. In the event of a problem where workmanship is proven to be the sole contributor at fault. Peel Tile will repair or replace the item, section, or area in part or in full. Peel Tile, at its discretion, will decide what actions to take to reasonably resolve such problem. Examples of problems covered include leaks caused by improper plumbing connections; cracks, movement or delimitation of tile caused by improper tile setting.
  3. This warranty does not include, but is not limited to exclusion of the following:
    1. Manufacturer defects, problems and regular wear of any working components. For example, toilet flappers, flush valves, jetted tub motors, faucet valves, cartridges and any other examples of product failures beyond Peel Tile’s control.
    2. Wear or damage to any and all product finishes, glazes, polishes, textures, grout discolouring
    3. Silicone seals, shower door splash guard replacement
  4. During the terms of this warranty Peel Tile must have access to the jobsite for inspection or repair of a warranty claim during normal business hours. Any delay or neglect on the owner’s part, exceeding thirty (30) days from the date of claim, to allow Peel Tile to inspect or rectify such claim will void the warranty on the area or item of said claim.
  5. The owner will be liable for the cost of investigation or repair of any claim proven not to be covered under this warranty.
  6. Under no circumstances shall Peel Tile be liable for incidental consequential damages including but not limited to injuries to any persons or damages to the building or the contents of the building. In no event shall Peel Tile’s obligations under the life of this warranty exceed the owners original cost for the installation.
  7. Peel Tile reserves the right to suspend its obligations under this warranty if any bills pertaining to the installation have not been paid in full.