Depending on the kitchen design, the faucet sets the mood and tone of your kitchen and is an important accessory. Kitchen with traditional cabinetry will call for an antique or vintage look, whereas sleek cabinetry calls for a contemporary faucet design, like the Evoke.



An adequate reach is an important factor to consider when choosing your faucet. All faucets have a different reach and it’s determined by the horizontal distance from the spout opening to the base of the faucet. This is not a problem with the pull down faucets, like Kohler’s Clairette, but you should be able to disperse water to a good portion of the kitchen sink.


Spout Height

A well designed kitchen should have a well proportioned faucet in size to the area where it’s installed, proportionate to the size of the main sink, and compliment overall design. Height can also make a design statement, but looks graceful and handy for filling tall pots. Spout heights for kitchen faucets vary from 8” to 14” plus. Hansgrohe’s Axor Citterio is 16 ¾” inches high, a common height for today’s arched models.

Axor Citterio

Pullout Spray

The pull out spray kitchen faucet is most popular in today’s market. With a mix of style and functionality, the faucet head pulls out, and with a touch of a button you can switch from different spray patterns sometimes even control the water flow, using just one hand. The far-reach of the pullout makes cleaning your sink and filling your large pots effortless, as demonstrate by Kohler’s Forte.


Single Handle

Most helpful when your hands are occupied, the single handle faucet allows for easy water flow and temperature adjustment with the use of only one hand. Depending on the design and layout of the kitchen, whether traditional or modern, single handle faucets can be the most practical solution, and are there for the most popular. Brizo’s Riveria is sleek and stylish in its simplicity, and sports a sidespray for added functionality.


Two Handle/Widespread

Providing full temperature and water flow adjustment control, two handle faucets are designed with separate hot and cold controls using 3 or more holes on your counter top or sink deck. The Bridgeford exemplifies Country traditional styling, by its presence and detail.


Wall Mounted

Wall mounted faucets reflect a unique style to your kitchen that requires no holes on your counter since it is installed directly to the wall above your kitchen sink. Pair a retro-looking one like the HiRise with an apron front sink to create a country designed kitchen, or go Mod with Kohler’s Karbon and an angular undermount sink.



Inspired by the restaurant industry, these large articulating faucets serve both form and function. Truly a statement piece, these high-arch faucets look best on a working island, as their height creates impact in a minimalist environment. The spring-loaded coil, as seen on American Standard’s Pekoe, allows for total flexibility and reach.



Faucets come in numerous finishes, including brass, chrome, stainless, brush nickel, and oil rubbed bronze just to name a few. Choose a finish that will compliment the kitchen design, appliances, and cabinetry. A stainless steel finish will provide a more contemporary to industrial feel, such as Grohe’s K4 in Supersteel, whereas Brizo’s Baliza in Oil Rubbed Bronze will often suit a more antique or period-specific kitchen design.



Simply a smaller version of your main faucet used in combination with a smaller sink. Hansgrohe’s Talis S bar faucet has the same clean lines as the kitchen faucet, however slightly more compact.

Talis S.

Filtered Water

There are cold-water faucets designed specifically for an under-counter filtration system. Kohler’s Wellspring is one such example. Available in both manual and electronic versions.


Pot Fillers

Are you the chef of the house? Pot fillers are an essential item for the passionate cook. The pot filler is a cold water faucet mounted above your cook surface or directly on the counter top to provide the advantage of filling up large pots right on the stove. Grohe’s Wall-mount Pot Filler has a 20” jointed swing spout.


Hi-Tech Handsfree

Manufacturers have revolutionized kitchen faucets to be stylish, versatile and have the enhanced functionality you demand. Up-to-date technology brings to the kitchen a new perspective in design. The minimalist Venuto pull-down kitchen faucet by Brizo features water saving SmartTouch technology which allows the faucet to be turned on and off by simply tapping anywhere on the handle or spout. Similarly, the Pascal faucet also by Brizo has the hands-free touch control technology, but with an added convenience of high-arc pull-down spout which automatically activates and deactivates water flow.



Other accessories are also available to complement the chosen faucet and for added convenience. Soap dispensers, matching flower vases, and instant hot water faucets are designed to make your life much easier and uncluttered. Try the stunning Venuto by Brizo that incorporates a matching soap dispenser and matching vase, for a fully coordinated look.