These sinks are installed to the underside of the counter, and offer a seamless look, that makes cleaning a breeze. They require a factory finish “cut-out”, with a polished edge, and are ideal for granite, marble, limestone, or quartz counters. We love Blancos’ Supreme U 1 ¾.

Undermount Sink


Drop-in sinks feature a lip or rim around the outer perimeter of the sink. A portion of the countertop is cut out on site, and the sink simply “Drops in”. These sinks are designed specifically for basic laminate counters such as Formica or WilsonArt. They range in style from designer looks such as Blanco’s Axia, to basic models such as Kohler's Marcato.

Drop-In Sink
Drop-In Sink

Apron Front/Farmer

Once found exclusively in country style designed kitchens, apron front sinks, like the Alcott by Kohler, are usually one large single bowl sink with exposed front panel. Now offered in a plethora of styles, apron sinks can suit a modern décor as well, as shown by Blanco’s streamlined Precision U 1 3/4 Apron.

Apron Front/Farmer Sink
Apron Front/Farmer Sink


Create a stunning flawless flush-to-counter appearance with microedge kitchen sinks. An alternative to the traditional drop-in installation, flush-mounted sinks leave virtually nothing between sink and counter surface. Blanco's Precision is our top pick.

Microedge Sink


Stainless steel sinks are the most popular and common type of sinks used in kitchen design today. However, another kitchen sink material has been gaining popularity worldwide: the Silgranit sink by Blanco. It is highly resistant to scratching, chipping, and staining, and comes in an array of fashion-forward colours, like Cafe. Cast Iron sinks, such as Kohler’s Dickinson, are virtually indestructible. Their vibrant colour palette makes them attractive feature pieces.
Other materials such as copper, natural stone and fireclay/porcelain are also available and provide sophistication and an antique or rustic flare to any kitchen design.

Dickinson Blue


Tired of the common stainless double kitchen sink with equal bowls? Today, many sinks feature Offset Bowls: Two bowls, one larger than the other. This enables you to fit larger pots and pans in the first sink, and use the other one for secondary functions. Blanco’s Performa features offset bowls, in an interesting almond shape. However, many people want to maximize their basin size and opt for a single bowl sink, like the Precision U Maxi.

Precision U Maxi


Both the Langlade Smart Divide from Kohler, and the Cascade from Blanco offer a solution to the single bowl/double bowl problem. With a lower dividing rail between the two sinks, large pot handles fit in easily, and you still have the option to wash in one bowl and rinse in another. Brilliant!!

Langlade Smart Divide


Are you in a tight situation? Thinking of a corner sink? Have a look at the Metra Corner Siligranit sink by Blanco which might be the answer to your problems. Similar corner sinks available in stainless steel and for diagonal sink cabinet applications.

Corner Sink


The Cordial sink is an all-in-one entertainment idea, perfect for washing and rinsing glassware, preparing garnishes, staging drinks, and cold storage for wine and other beverage bottles.

Cordial sink


The Crevasse prep sink is probably our favorite in this category. It's a long, skinny stainless steel sink that leads directly to a garbage disposal. A push-button lets you rinse food prep waste directly down the trough and into the garbage disposal.

Crevasse Prep Sink


Custom-fitted stainless steel bottom grids offer protection for your sink from dishes and utensils. A variety of stainless steel colanders allow for rinsing and draining pasta or vegetables right in the sink. Soap dispensers can be added to dispense liquid dishwashing or hand soap.

Soap dispenser