The Flipside handshower brings you four distinct showering sensations, each with its own dedicated sprayface on your choice of three unique models. Innovative Flipstreamª technology makes selecting a spray both simple and stylish. Just flip the sprayhead on its axis--no impossible twisting--to enjoy the spray that best suits your needs


  • -Koverage™-a full-face spray for a superb performance for everyday use
  • -Kotton™- releases a uniquely dense, soft, enveloping downpour of luxury spa spray
  • -Komotion™- a full-face spray that delivers a drenching spray in an exhilarating, circular pattern that both relaxes and refreshes the senses for a deep sense of well being
  • -Kurrent™- delivers a targeted massage spray to ease away aches and pains and revitalize your body
  • Elegant transitional design with smooth flowing lines
  • Utilizes Flipstream technology for innovative mode changing capabilities
  • Each spray experience has its own dedicated sprayface, delivering increased performance and eliminating any compromise created by space limitations
  • Advanced ergonomics revolutionizes the users interface with the product - operation is simple and easy even with soapy hands

Available Finishes:

Chrome, Brushed Nickel

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